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Time Management – Part I: There’s No Such Thing as Multitasking

Before all you high-power business people join forces with soccer moms to march on my home with pitchforks and torches, let’s first define multi-tasking. It’s performing more than one functionally related, non-interdependent action at the same time. These actions may

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Much, Many, More, Fewer, Less, Little

Simple rules: If you can count them or assign a number to them, MANY and FEWER are correct. If you can’t reasonably count them, use MUCH and LESS. This salad has too much dressing, and too many carrots. How much

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Word Frequency Counters – An Essential Tool for Writers

You punch out a hundred-thousand words of brilliant prose. How many different words do you think are contained in your work? I’ve found that I use about six to seven-thousand words in each of my manuscripts. Of course, walk, walked,

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Writers’ Must-Have Books on Writing

You have a reason for writing. If you’re compiling a memoir or a biography of a cherished relative for the benefit of friends and family, but have no interest in publishing to a wider audience, self-publishing is the best route.

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