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Lover's Tarot book coverLover’s Tarot

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What would you do if you were a sixteen year old girl sitting vigil at your dead mother’s side in a New York apartment with no friends, family, or authorities you could trust? How would you react when a man in a black coat arrives claiming to have been summoned by your mother, takes her for final arrangements, and then disappears, not to be seen again? And what if, with her body, he steals the diary, a life’s plan given you by your dying mother, filled with her feminist and spiritual philosophy, and numerous tales of her love interests and erotic encounters.

Following in her mother’s footsteps, Sasha Kidman turns to the Tarot Cards for direction, her mother’s most valuable tool in overcoming life’s challenges. They had proven themselves by forewarning Sasha of her mother’s illness. Can they lead her to safe haven?

It’s 1957. With just over ninety dollars in her pocket, she flees the city. Her beauty and maturity opens doors other young women might have found firmly locked. Men gravitate to her with one thing on their minds. Sasha takes the pleasure they can give, and the horrors they can deliver.

Through her ten-year journey in her mother’s footsteps seeking love and passion, sex and survival, she never loses sight of her ultimate goal, to find the man in the black coat, her mother’s resting place, and Sasha’s most cherished connection to her, the diary.


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