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What fees might an Author incur?
a) There are no fees for reading or evaluating your manuscript prior to signing the Representation Agreement.
b) There are no fees for editing your work in preparation for publication except, with your approval, the case of enlisting an independent, technical editor when a non-fiction work demands it.
c) Because a cover design can make-or-break the financial success of a book, a skilled design artist is employed to create and prepare the cover. The cost of the artist’s services is most often under $500 USD, a one-time fee. Comfy Chair Publishers may suggest an artist; you will pay her or him, directly. Or you may contract with any artist of your choosing. In this way, we stay out of the cash stream for these services so you know you are paying the net, and lowest, fee.
d) The cover artist will likely need to acquire royalty-free photographs or illustrations (artwork) from an on-line source. An example is Thinkstock.com, but other sources may be tapped. After an initial cost of $20 to $60 for an image, it can be used without further fees to the photographer/illustrator until you sell over 500,000 copies of you book, after which the nominal fees for continued use of the artwork will come off the top of the proceeds before our percentage split. Once the artist selects the artwork, she or he will advise of what’s needed and you will direct you to the on-line purveyor where you will create your own account and pay them directly. In this way, YOU own the rights to the artwork and not the artist or Comfy Chair.

Does Hundredth Shire pay advances?


Does Comfy Chair accept previously published works?
If you’ve tried self-publishing and you’ve gotten no traction, even with an aggressive social media blitz, we’ll consider it, but be prepared for some drastic changes if we decide to take you on. It’s axiomatic that a bad title or poor cover-art can kill sales. We don’t have a magic wand that will get people to buy your book, but if it truly is an outstanding piece of writing, we might work with you. You must be up front and let us know what marketing you have done so far, and send us a link to where the book is available on the web.


How do I know you won’t steal my work?
Nobody does that. Really. Just put your copyright on the title page and that’s all you need to protect your work. The copyright notice doesn’t have to be in the header on every page. That screams “Newbie!” We don’t sign non-disclosures, so if you’re still worried about it, then self-publishing is your best option.



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