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Regardless of what you’ve read in the myriad blogs about writing, even an author’s full immersion in the ocean of social media will not make a poorly thought-out or badly executed work well received. More tragic, the epic novel or non-fiction that is not given proper review, and refined by someone who can bring it to market, will be relegated to the digital dustbin.

It’s said that J. K. Rowling submitted seven-hundred proposals–query letters–before one agent decided to give her work a chance. This led to six-hundred-ninety-nine suicides, allowing room in the crowded arena of literary agents and publishers for our budding firm.

Therefore, respecting the creative souls of writers, we at Comfy Chair will not evaluate works based on “It’s-gotta-grab-us-in-eight-seconds.” Every work that falls into the genera specified on our Submissions page, and meets the preparatory criteria stated, will be both rationally and patiently considered.

We look forward to seeing your work.